2021 – Booster’s Treatment Center

Booster’s Treatment Center. Moderne problemen? Moderne oplossingen!
Ervaar de ongeëvenaarde effecten van het Booster’s Treatment Center vanop de eerste rij. De productie komt tot stand dankzij de efficiënte samenwerking met Eline Vyncke, Thomas Logghe, Ward Sulmont en Wouter Verdegem. En dankzij de productieve steun van Griet Herssens, Sarah Markewich, Dante Coussement, Koen Deboiserie, Pascal Wanseele, Maxime Mylle, Mephistos, Radio Quindo, Vyrecup Recycling, Antonino Scodrani en Boîte à Clous.

Booster’s Treatment Center is an interactive experience theatre. By participating during the performance the audiance will icrease their efficiency and productivity. Booster’s Treatment Center (BTC) has 4 different types of treatments. The BTC diagnosis defines which treatment every participant must take. After this crazy experience the participant leaves the setting. All of the participants will be devided in 4 different groups after the diagnosis. Each group has it’s own limits that disturbs their acting during society. Lucky for them, there are BTC local specialist that will treat everyone thanks to their skills and technics. The act will be performed continuously in timetables of 2 hours. During these 2 hours 4 sessions can be performed with a maximum of 48 persons.