Grandet Douglas


2023 – Le Contrevent

Waar kun je nu nog plaatsnemen op een magisch vliegend tapijt, je ogen sluiten en wegdromen op sprankelende pianoklanken… In de wereld van Grandet Douglas is dat mogelijk! De piano en het tapijt tarten de zwaartekracht, in balans gehouden door proza, poëzie en geheimzinnige bokalen met illustere vloeistoffen.
Le Contrevent is een échte smaakmaker op menig festival. Laat je meevoeren in deze sprookjes wereld waar leeftijd niet telt.

Ever dreamed of a magic flying carpet ride while a pianist accompanies your flight with marvellous music?
Close your eyes and let the world go by. In the fantastic world of Grandet Douglas this dream becomes reality.
Be surprised by a special mobile structure and a piano which is so light that it defies gravity.
Sitting on a comfortable flying carpet, the miracle unfolds before your eyes…. The Contrevent is a balance, a perfect equilibrium between a piano and a flying carpet. The carousel is a call to the imagination, to sweet memories, to the magic of levity. It is also the game of seeking balance, stability, it is fragile and hypnotic at the same time.
The operation of the carousel is the fruit of empiricism: the principle of balance allows a rotation almost without friction of the structure. The propulsion is thus reduced to a fan. When the rotational speed is reached, the fan stops.
The carousel turns practically indefinitely without any other noise than the sound of the piano.