Cia Zagreb

La Rosa De Los Vientos

Een elegante en interactieve voorstelling vol humor en poëzie. Komedie en improvisatie met het publiek gemengd met acrobatie (Cyr wheel) en een beminnelijke excentrische clown… dit zijn de ideale ingrediënten om de de kleur van haar wereld te verspreiden. Haar vrouwelijke vaardigheden verbazen het publiek. Eric Tarantola speelt de live-muziek.


ZagreB is born from the collaboration between Torpeza Ritmika and Eric Tarantola. A fearless clown mastering the Cyr wheel accompanied by a one man band of modern times. Together they are creating a unique world combining theatre, circus along music of the world.

Torpeza Ritmika is this eccentric clown teasing her audience who like to surprise, amuse people. She is an experienced acrobat dancer combining elegance and grace mastering the Cyr wheel over the music waves of the one man band. Eric Tarantola is not just a musician but an orchestra of his own. From his sophisticated magic music box, Eric will blend different styles and influences transporting the audience into an imaginary world.

The clumsines (“torpeza”) is spontaneous and funny at the same time, and from its union with the rhythm this character “Torpeza Ritmika” was born. She gives us an elegant and interactive show full of humor and poetry. Comedy and improvisation with the audience mixed with acrobatics (Cyr wheel) and a sweet and eccentric clown, are the ideal ingredients to spread of the colors of her universe. Here feminine skills amaze the audience with great expressive force on the Cyr wheel.

With a universal language, the show “La Rosa de Arena” is enjoyed throughout the world. This is a version of Topeza Ritmika’s show but with live music played by Eric Tarantola. “La Rosa de los Vientos” is an interactive show associating sense of humour and poetry for all audiences.